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Nigel Gray originally trained with the Mayo School of Astrology in 1976, and then took an honours degree in Psychology. In the mid 1980s he qualified as a Psychotherapist and set up in private practice. He then trained in Psychological Astrology with the Liz Greene School of Psychological Astrology and began to integrate the two disciplines of Psychotherapy and Astrology in his work.

In 1989 he began work on writing his own psychological horoscope text for use in computer synthesised reports, and in 1991 founded Lifesigns Astrology Services to market his reports.

Throughout the 1990s Nigel developed his own psychological astrology practice, and then in July 2000 he opened a new age shop to give expression to his interests in Astrology and the diverse and developing field of alternative healing.

More Mind, Body & Spirit Books at Amazon

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WELCOME TO SPIRITUAL GIFTS - an online new age shop devoted purely to body, mind and spirit products and services of a healing nature. Browse through our wide selection of Essential Oils, Homeopathic Medicines, Flower Remedies, Books, Crystal Jewellery, Incense, Astrology Reports and many other gifts all competitively priced.

Make your choice at your leisure as we never close. Then when you are ready click on the 'buy' button and a gift of the spirit will be winging its way to enhance the quality of your life. Remember that besides your friends and family, your animal companions can also greatly benefit from homeopathic medicines, flower remedies and aromatherapy essential oils. Aconite for anxious pets for example, Rescue Remedy for animals in shock, and lavender oil for calming down and relaxing.

Enjoy your visit to our site, and get in touch if you need to ask a question. And if there is something you have been trying to get hold of with out success, let us know and we will endeavour to find it for you.


Spiritual-Gifts is the internet trading arm of Lifesigns Astrology Services, which also has an established shop in West Devon offering Astrological Services, new age products and alternative medicines.
Nigel Gray began Lifesigns Astrology in 1991 in response to the demand for astrological reports with more psychological and spiritual depth. Since then the company has moved from strength to strength building a customer base both in the UK and around the world.

Psychological Astrology in the 21st Century is used as a tool for healing, through self-empowerment, self-growth and self-understanding, and our range of astrological reports reflect this self development trend.

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