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1.   0.80p delivery charge for  first report and only 0.40p for each additional item.

2.   Reports prepared within 3 days and dispatched by First Class Royal Mail.


Read the summary for each type of report below and click the reports name to be taken to more details (where necessary) and online completion of your details should you wish.

ASTRO-TALKER - This report consists of a character profile and one year forecaster all in one package.17.95

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES - This report describes your vocational aptitudes from the astrological perspective .Then you can determine how to apply your strongest capabilities to the career field you find most attractive. 14.95

CHARACTER PROFILE - This Character Profile is designed as a short introductory guide to your unique personality as seen through the eyes of Astrology.9.95

CHILD STAR HOROSCOPE - This report reveals the strengths, weaknesses, aptitude and potential of the child . It indicates negative traits that need to be understood, and talents that are not immediately apparent. 17.95

FLOWER REMEDY ANALYSIS - By erecting your horoscope I can determine your flower remedy needs from your astrological details. This would be a combination of 2 or more of the 12 healer remedies reflecting the emotional tendencies of your Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs together with other relevant astrological factors related to your horoscope.

3 options available(1) flower remedy analysis -Approx 6-10 pages detailing your negative states and the required remedies to transform them -8.95 (2) An Astrological Flower Remedy personally made up for you 8.95. (3) The Astrological Remedy Analysis plus your own Astrological Flower Remedy personally made up for you - 17.50.

FORECASTER REPORT - The Forecaster presents you with information on what the important trends are in your life for up to 12 months ahead, and offers knowledgeable insights which you are free to include or not in your own decision making.

Options available (1)One Year Forecaster- slower moving planets; 8.95. (2) One Year Forecaster slower moving planets plus the quicker moving planets Venus and Mars. 15.95 (3) 6 month Forecaster - emphasis upon the quicker moving planets, but also includes any slower moving transits in force at the time. 13.95.

INDEPTH ONE YEAR FORECASTER - Freehand report using my skills as an Astrologer and Psychotherapist - An in-depth look at the patterns being activated in your psyche, and the areas of life that are likely to need your attention in the year ahead. 85.00

PERSONALITY PROFILE - an in-depth look at your personality as seen through the eyes of Astrology. It details all of your major character traits, attributes, qualities, strengths and weaknesses, and suggests ways forward for your own personal growth and integration as an individual. 17.95

THE PSYCHOLOGICAL HOROSCOPE - provides an in-depth look at the psychological patterns and unconscious complexes at work within you, and looks at how and where these can manifest in your life. 28.00

RELATIONSHIP REPORT - This report analyses the relationship and assesses the compatibility between two people. 17.95

SPIRITUAL PATH - Each of us has the potential to develop along psychic, intuitive and spiritual lines into the person who best suits our natural gifts 16.95